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PhoneSheriff Review


The feature of time-limit controls
Advanced browsing and texting features
Location option with feature of notification in case the kid has entered the danger zone.

Complicated installation process
Unreliable site blocking feature

Phone Sheriff Software provides strong controlling features, good for app monitoring, texts spying and location identification purposes. Good for parental control of kid’s location and in-phone activity.

Phone Sheriff requires some affords in order to install it properly and it costs $89 per year subscription (which can be used for up to three devices). Comparing with a similar in features and quality apps, phone sherrif may be considered to be the expensive one. But its ease in applying and the quality of technical performance makes the phone sherriff worth the required funds.

Phone sherriff is great when it deals with restricting of the content or setting time limits for device usage both via dashboard or directly on the device. The app is proper for kid controlling and protecting purposes, both little and older ones. Phonesherrif offers so many options to manage that it may be difficult to find out what to do at first. It may cause some troubles to define what feature is allowed and which one is not. You may face the troubles at first in identifying who you kid is sending texts and what content he or she id viewing online.

Phone Sheriff software gives parents the opportunity to view and analyze their child’s in-phone content and decide whether it is proper to allow it. According to some Phone Sheriff Reviews it can be hard for some users of the app’s dashboard to define which app is installed and which one is not. However there is an option of setting filters in order to control the content your kid can view. But those filters can let out some sites with inappropriate language.

Phone Sheriff Reviews state that the program can block the content properly so there is no any information on the screen when the site is under the restriction. Some other applications in such cases show the warning sign instead. Besides, service can remember and inform you what link did your kid has visited so you would be aware of such king of information and manage the accessibility options.

Phone sherif is outstanding app when it comes to texts checking purposes. You will be provided with full information on the direction and the content of all texts messages, both outgoing as well as incoming. Some Phone Sheriff Reviews claim that text blocking process is way too complicated while others consider it to be reasonable. And some users like the arrangement of the blacklisted items.

Sheriff app can help you to set a limitation of the number of SMS sent in order to lower chances your kid starts texting without proper reasons. Text filters can also serve a great deal in text managing activities.

Phone Sheriff Review informs the parents that they can control the kid’s location history applying the discussed app. You can set the notifications in case your kid decides to change the location. The information may be not accurate enough, but the parents can get an insight in the fact where their kid probably is. In case your child is lost, you can apply geolocation searching app features.

The app has a feature which can make children to check-in in the new location in order to inform their parents via email. Some reviewers consider it would be more appropriate to use SMS notification, But still this option is a valuable one.

The app, provided by the service has a lot of advantages while the installation process can cost you a lot of time and energy. Downloading of the app is possible only via company’s website so you cannot find in on any mobile application market. As long as you buy the app you have to download the installation file on the target phone. And to complete the installation you have to go back to your dashboard again. You may need a few tries to complete the set up properly.

With this service you cannot find out even the time the person spend in the particular apps. Moreover the app of does not have enough option for social media activity monitoring purposes. So if you want to manage this issue, search for other spying options.

The last words
According to this Phone Sheriff Review it can be concluded that the app can provide you with detailed information on the texts your kid receive of the placed visits. It may sound as a good feature. But the users are recommended to be careful with a bunch of data they cannot understand. The Complication of the installation can lead to more complicated usage of the program. However, thanks to its pros the PhoneSheriff application can serve a good deal for carrying parents.