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Highster Mobile Review


THE BAD – No Geo-Fencing for parents to see if their kids have gone past a certain area of focus.

THE GOOD – Excellent No-Jailbreak program that does not require access to the device. Free lifetime upgrades and LIVE people answering the phones. Superb for iPhones and iPads.

Highster Mobile is a mobile spying and monitoring program that allows its users secretly monitor their kinds, employees and spouses in case they have some issues to solve. The app can run both on Android and Apple devices so you can install the described software on any smartphone as well as tablet.

The app Hyster mobile can perform numerous features starting from stealing of the logging information as ending with defining the GPS location of the target person. The installation process of the software is simple and quick. But the most attractive feature is the app’s price, as it is considered to be the cheapest program on the spying market.

The majority of the spying services ask for a payment every month. The user can lose the access to the software if he misses the payment time. But you will never be in such situation with highster mobile app. The service will charge you single-time payment in the amount of $69,99 and after that you will be rewarded with the unlimited access to all the features the app performs. Sound very convenient.

In the following highster mobile Review you will find out what features the described application has and how to use them. At first we can find out the way the software works.

How does Highster Mobile work

After the payment is done the user is provided with a detailed guide how to install the program onto the target device. The installation process is easy itself, but in case you face some difficulties, the customer support is always available for consultations.

The software is secret one so the real owner cannot detect it after installation. You will be the only one who will know the fact that highster mobile spy is on board and monitor the in-phone activity all the time. Even the experienced mobile user is not able to identify the app’s actions.

The once the app is installed on the target device you will be provided with the access to the app’s control panel from your own device. That is how you connect with the target phone for your monitoring purposes. The control panel on your phone will give you the opportunity not only to view the phone’s activity, but download the content and trace the phone itself.

Standout Features for Highster Mobile

The spying software was developed in order to help carrying parents to control the in-phone activity of their kids or the concerned boss to monitor his employees’ devices. The main feature of such applications is the performance of all the actions the person does on the target phone. Considering the recommendations from Highster mobile Reviews, this software can serve a great deal for child-controlling purposes of protecting company’s secret information. If you have the mentioned interests, study the following software features.

  1. Text messaging spying. We all know that texting is one of the most often used ways of communication. Applying the spying software from the co you become empowered to view not only the incoming texts but outgoing as well. You can monitor the contact data on the senders and receivers, view multimedia content and so on.
  1. Phone calls controlling. The mobile spying application provides its users with an option of monitoring of the all possible phone calls – outgoing and received. As with the text messages, in the call monitoring you can also view the contact information of the participants of the calls.
  1. Live control panel. Highster mobile Reviews describe the app as being user-friendly and easy in appliance. The app’s control panel is developed for a convenient way of spying the target device. You can even set time triggers, manage the display features and conduct your spying in real time from any location.
  1. Location spying feature. Using GPS data the application can provide you with the information where the person you are spying on is. You can not only be aware of the current person’s location, but also trace the location history applying the map options on the control panel of the program.
  1. Hidden camera option. You get an access to the camera of the target device in order to take hidden images of the person and his or her surrounding things.
  1. Browser access. The app discloses all the history data of the mobile browser as well as bookmarks and tags.
  1. The highster mobile spy software downloads all the stored images from the target phone on you PC or device. You can even view the photo information such as time and data as well as geolocation.
  1. Email access. You are provided with the email access as well so you can easily view all the emails that are sent or received on the target device. You will be able to read the text of messages as well as contact information of the participants.
  1. Contact data access. Through the control panel you will get all the contact data stored on the target device. You will be enabled to download all main as well as additional contact information.
  1. Viewing of the social media activity. Highster mobile spy reviews highlight the app’s ability to monitor social media activity conducted on the target phone or tablet. You can view it via your spying account from your own device.
  1. The ability to uninstall the app remotely. In case you do not need to spy on the target device or you have some other reasons do delete the spying software, you can do it remotely via the mentioned control panel.

All the information the app gets from the target phone will be downloaded and stored in your account storage in your own disposal and with all-time access.

System Requirements and Installation

The software was developed for using on both iOS as well as Android devices. The highster mobile Reviews say that the app supported by the following software versions:

Apple iOS 6 – 10.1. The jailbreaking of the target iOS device is required.

Android 2.1 and higher. Rooting is optional for the target device.

Note: However the app operates remotely, to install it you will need 2-3 minute access to the device itself.

The process of installation is classical:

Step #1: Open the target device’s browser and go to the given app’s URL. Download the software and install it on the device.

Step #2: Then turn on the highster mobile, enter the phone number of the target device, and provide the activation via your License Key.

Step #3: Wait till you get the message “Registration successful”. Push OK, and restart the device. The installation process is over. Nothing too much complicated!

When the installation is completed, you can get access to your account through PC or any other device.


  1. Is it necessary to root the device before spying?

Highster mobile works both on rooted and unrooted devices. So there is no urgent need to root the target phone. But in case you want to get access to the instant messaging monitoring, then the rooting is obligatory.

  1. How long is the app’s installation process?

No longer than a couple of minutes. You will be provided with an email with all information you may require for a successful installation and appliance of the software. There will be a link to you control panel which will be your spying tool. You also will be provided with the log-in data of your account. But please remember that you will necessary need the app to be installed on the phone you are going to monitor. This is the only case when you need to have physical access to the device.

  1. How soon i will be able to start spying activity?

You will be able to spy immediately after you complete the installation process of the app. After you install the app on the phone and log in to your account you can start your spying business and track the in-phone activity trough highster mobile free.

The estimation of the spying application Highster mobile

Considering the description of the Highster Mobile spying app we can conclude that it has typical for mobile spying applications features. Highster mobile free download presents as its best feature the low pricing offers. The application is worth paying the askes price in exchange of the full version and access to all performed features. That is why this app is so popular and receives approving feedback in numerous reviews.

In case you have some questions left of you want to get a closer look to the service, we provide you a link, where you can get extra info on the spying software.