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General comparison

Monitoring Effectiveness:

Itemized call lists, SMS messages, ability to view stored files from the device, activates for both internet and email, GPS tracing etc. were all included in our studies. Several of the programs allow you to turn the phone into a microphone that transmits the noises surrounding the targeted phone, which gives customer the ability to hear the call live and also record it. In some instances depending on the software the customer chose, they could intercede as well. Also being able to see the apps that are set up and events on the target is an additional benefit of some programs.


With all the cell phone spy programs available on the electronics market you will have to check to make sure the applications you want and require the most are available on the program you have chosen before you buy it. Some of the applications may not be what you need, as far as the applications may not be appropriate for the purpose of your targeted phone to monitor. Arranging the applications that fit the needs in order can aid you in choosing the best-suited program that fits your monitoring use. Invisibility mode may not always be necessary for monitor your workers, since knowing that the activity is being monitored could be all that the employee needs to stay within the appropriate guidelines of the company.

Obstructions and Commands:

If your program doesn’t have certain applications then it won’t be all that beneficial to you. Being able to obstruct or cut off specific numbers, web pages, or apps from being activated allows you more control. For example if the targeted phone should be lost or stolen, you would need the ability to clean or lock the device in order to prevent bad consequences of over usage charges or a criminal getting ahold of personal information and stealing the identity of the user. Few programs allow the user to send commands remotely to perform certain functions.

Customer Aid and Support:

You may need help with installation, setup, and other issues most programs offer on their websites or included on dvd with the demo of a software that walks you through installation and some minor trouble shooting tips. However, it would be better to have 24/7 customer service through telephone, live chat, and email. Most creators make available on their website, user manuals, FAQs, and other aids for when you need help.