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FlexiSPY Review


FlexiSPY is a specialized spying application for mobile devices, created for parents of employers in order to monitor the kids’ or stuff’s in-phone activity and their location.

PREMIUM version of FlexiSPY provides user with all possible spying opportunities presented on the market. It also gives an access to the monitoring of the messaging as well as social media activity. While according to the FlexiSPY Review the EXTREME version of the app offers extra features like real-time calls recording and listening, and some other unique features that make the app to be popular on the spy software market.

FlexiSPY comes in two variants, PREMIUM and EXTREME.

Premium as well as extreme subscription can run secretly or not according to your legal requirements. For premium subscription you will have to pay $68 and for Extreme version of the app – $149. Buying this spy application you will automatically get access to the full-time customer support, and community place where you can discuss the app or leave your own feedback. The company offers 10 day refund period and the accurate app performance on the popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS or BlackBerry.

How Flexispy Works

As the most of the common software you will need to install the app on the target device, after what the program will send to your account storage the required data in a hidden way. So you will be informed about your kid location as well as in-phone activities of your employees, or the other necessary information on the person you may spy on. You can change the target phone anytime you want within the subscription period.


The software performs an impressive number of various spying features and opportunities. On the service’s website the user can read all the necessary information on the application and its appliance. In thin review we will overview the main aspects of the app and highlight its outstanding features.

The next mentioned features can be performed by both EXTREME and PREMIUM variants of the app.

Traditional Messaging Spying.

One of the main and basic features of the spying software is the ability to monitor the messages on the target phone. So the described app can provide you with data from:

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Call Logs
  • MMS

You can also get all the contact information of the sender or receiver of the message if there is such info on the target phone. You can also view the HTML version of the email texts. Speaking about call you will be provided with the duration data, contact information of the participants of the call, in case this data in on the target phone.

Social Media Capturing

In our FlexiSPY Review we want to highlight the fact that the app we are talking about is great in capturing social media activity. With the help of FlexiSPY software the user will be able to monitor such apps:

  • Facebook;
  • WhatsApp;
  • LINE;
  • BBM;
  • Skype;
  • Viber;
  • iMessage;
  • WeChat;
  • Google hangouts;
  • Blackberry PIN;
  • Blackberry Messenger;
  • Snapchat;
  • Yahoo Messenger;
  • FlexiSpy PC.

People more often use the social media options in order to communicate with each other as usually the messaging in those services is free and convenient. So every spying app has to be able to monitor social media mobile activity. FlexiSPY’s outstanding feature is the ability to capture and display even complex messages with not only text but also photo, video or audio content as well. The developers of the app realize that the media content of the messages can be as well valuable as the text one as it can even better display the emotional condition of the message.

The captured messages are displayed in the way they would be performed by the target phone, which is very convenient.

Web Monitoring

The Internet has overwhelmed people’s lives so we conduct all our businesses there. That is why the respectable spying software must perform web monitoring features. With this spying program the user is enabled to view:

  • Mobile browser activity;
  • Browser history of the target device;
  • Performed media content;
  • Thanks to the camera access of the FlexiSPY software the user will be able to monitor:;
  • The images and video took by the target phone;
  • The stored and created audio content.

One of the carrying options often described in flexispy reviews android is that you can decide whether you need or not to download the particular media content, The service may send you only a part of the new content but it will be up to download a full version of it or not. Such feature can help in saving you battery life as well as lower you mobile service costs.

Tracking of the location

Service enables its user to trace the location and movements of the user of the phone we are spying on. You can monitor this information through the account map. The only drawback of this feature that location service require a great energy spending so you battery can turn off soon. Take thin fact into account in case you decide to track somebody’s location in the situation when you will not be able to recharge your device.

With this spying program the user can:

  • Request Location;
  • Track Location;

Making a request you will be informed with the current location of the target person, while approaching the tracking feature you will be particularly following every movement of the kid, for example.

The visual part of the tracking feature is also adorable with an option to mark the places on the map in order to create the exact rout of the person.

A few more valuable options worth mentioning in FlexiSPY Review:

  • Export of the route file in KLM format;
  • Navigator option;

The routes saved in KML format can be easily opened on other devices using any mapping program in order to investigate the route closer with more details. Navigator options simplify the process of monitoring the movements of the target person.


Today we can have a lot of mobile devices for various purposes. In order to check the activity of your staff, you ca apply FlexiSpy which can provide you with:

  • Mobile notes;
  • Calendar notifications;
  • Full version of the Address book;
  • AES/PKI Encryption to make all communication safe;

Let’s talk about Auto Updates. The service pays a close attention to notifying its users whether the new updates of fixes are available. After you will be informed you will be able to update your spying software remotely. Such feature is valuable for saving the hidden mode of the spying app on the target device.

FaceTime Spy Camera Option

In case you are monitoring iPad, FlexiSPY software can provide you with very convenient feature called Spy Cam. In a hidden way you can get access to the camera and microphone of the target device in order to record video or take pictures of the environment and send them to your account storage.


In order to inform you about the quality of software your kid install on the device the spying service may inform you:

  • The types of apps installed;
  • The date and time of its usage.

Account data

Account of the service can be easily created within a few minutes. As long as you are logged in you will be sent to the control panel or the dashboard where you will be able to view all the spying information. You can store or manage the received data as you wish up to your own convenience and save it in regular formats like PDF.

The account provides you with option of creating the alerts basing on keywords of geolocation. You can get the notifications every time your kid uses inappropriate word or enter the danger zone, so you could decide what to do.

FlexiSPY EXTREME Features

In the most of FlexiSpy reviews iphone the great attention is paid to the extreme features of the mentioned software as everybody is interested in reasons of its higher price. The main advanced feature lays in the ability to overhear the calls and surrounding in real time and even save the received data (for Android).

Phone calls catching

With this advanced feature you can capture the phone calls in real time. You can set notifications as well when the kid call or receive the call from the particular number. You will be a notified with SMS. After dialing the target number you will be connected to the conversation but no one will notice that. This option can be used both Android and Apple users.

Secret Call

This option, which is often described in FlexiSPY Review, means that you can silently turn on the microphone of the target device and listen to the real-time surrounding situation. The wise developers predict the possibility of the situation when the target user receives usual call while you are having a spy call. In this situation the spy call will be ended quietly and your activity will remain unnoticed.

Recording feature

When using on Android mobile devices, FlexiSPY software can provide you with opportunity to record calls from the specific numbers automatically. The recorded data will be stored in your account and you will be able to play it whenever you need.

Recording of the voice

The maximum time the app will record the phone call is 30 minutes. In case you need more recording time – use the Spy Call for longer recording aims.

Fake SMS

You can get access not only to viewing but also sending text messages from the target device. So the receiver of such SMS will have no idea that you are the author of it. This feature can be useful in order to protect your kid from suspicious communication.

Remote Camera option

Turn on the camera of the target device in order to take pictures and get the information of the target person surrounding environment.


From this review you found out what is flexispy and what features this software performs. We recommend choosing this app for your spying purposes. It comes in two versions which equally perform perfectly. The only thing the Premium version differs from the Extreme one is that you can gen real-time data only using Extreme account. That is why the price is higher in that case. FlexiSpy is a pioneer among other similar applications.

3 thoughts on “FlexiSPY Review”

  1. I am really thankful to Flexibility developers. In general, I did buy it because of GPS tracker. Till now, it is the most valuable option for me. With the help of your software I can track my kids’ location whenever I want. So if they don’t pick up their smartphones for a while I’m not losing my mind. This app allows me finding their location in several seconds and make sure they are safe.

  2. Two months ago I started suspecting my wife having affair. By the sound of messages I did recognize she is using WhatsApp and trying to hide it from me. In case she always has smartphone with herself I have no access to her messages history. Can I use Flexispy to get what I want? Is it necessary to have additional rights to the target phone?

  3. Hi Paul,
    Yes, Flexispy will help you spy on WhatsApp texts. It is necessary to root the device if it is based on Android or you should jailbreak gadget before installing software if it is based on iOS.
    Best regards.

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