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eScan Review


If you are seeking for full and independent eScan review then hurry up to read the article below. It is meant to help both new and experienced customers to use all own facilities via mobile phone or other device. Here you will face with advantages and disadvantages of the tap software, see how it works and which features deserve your attention. Remember that only deep research of software will help understand does it suit your device or not.

Good and bad sides

  1. Has easy and user-friendly design

Developers believe they did create software for real customers’ devices not machines that is why they tried to make it matching all people’s needs. It has numerous facilities that are not represented in other security or block program. Also each person can use it even without special knowledge in mobile technologies. In this case eScan mobile has become an awesome tap application for Android smartphones and tablets.

  1. Has multilanguage interface

Lots apps are available only in English and it complicates its usability. But eScan review demonstrates that it has great variety of languages so customer is free to pick up French, Japanese, German, Russian and 7 others. In a result people from all over the world can join the eScan Pro community.

  1. Provides free support

Any issues may be solved with the help of 24/7 customer support. Don’t shy to ask questions because it will make your usage of tap more perfect. Thanks to friendly specialists you will never have problems with software. There are several ways you can contact with support, including mobile gadget, so pick the most proper one.

  1. Has numerous awesome features

Thank to this mobile application you can provide the full control of the device. The most useful options are the following: antivirus, parental control, block feature, filtering messages and calls, personal security. So be sure no other software can be so proud of its facilities than eScan mobile.

  1. Let customer to make advanced settings

This feature will be in demand for several users, but those who are fond of mobile technologies will be glad to make personal settings according to own tastes. Other people will use the common facilities and use program without being overboard different features.

On the first sight the only one disadvantage of this app is its price. But you can’t demand to use all facilities and pay nothing. So it is fair to give developers a little reward for their job. According to the number of available features the tap app doesn’t cost a lot.

General information about this software

The eScan Pro is reliable software that is meant to protect your device from any outside danger. It is created especially for devices based on Android operating system. Developers, eScan reviews, and numerous feedbacks insist that this mobile program can protect your smartphone or tablet from malware and viruses including uncontrolled access to system and personal data.

This application will be useful for each person that has mobile gadget based on Android, because no one is saved from losing it or being thieved. With eScan Pro you will be sure that no one can block your security, use your smartphone or tablet in own purposes. To block your device you only need to send SMS with special code from any other device.

If someone failed with unlocking mobile device twice the snapshot with camera will be made. After this it will be sent to email you mentioned before and in a result location feature let you know the place of your device.

Parents will appreciate an additional feature – parental control. It helps to be in touch with your child even if he or she doesn’t really want this. How it works? The eScan mobile restricts harmful websites and applications, notify you about all changes at target device.

Another kind of scams also be prevented. For instance, if someone tries to change SIM card in your Android mobile phone you will also get a notification. It is useful even if your device doesn’t cost a lot. In any case you should better spend some money to protect your smartphone or tablet than to lose more in the end.

Remember the next facility: to send a SOS SMS you only need to shake the phone 3-5 times or press the power 3-5 times. This feature can definitely save your life if emergency situations appear.

Main reasons to use eScan Pro

This tap software really works so it would be definitely valued by customers. Thank to numerous facilities this app can provide you with lots of advantages. For example lets mention several of them.

  • Anti-Theft option helps to delete information wiping, SIM scaning, tracking the location;
  • Antivirus protects your Android mobile gadget from cyber attracts, viruses, spyware, etc;
  • Parental control is created especially for responsible parents who try to keep their children safe;
  • Emergency button sends a texts if something dangerous happens;
  • Screenshot tool make a picture of everyone who holds your device.

Besides, tap app provides around the clock support and 11 language of its interface. It is one of the most comfortable applications for mobile device on the market.

Don’t afraid to install eScan mobile security because it wouldn’t slow down your gadget. The program suits not only modern smartphones and tablets but also older versions of gadgets. Developers tried to make their product not only powerful but also light. To have stable interface the device must:

– be based on Android operating system 2.2 and high;

– have at least 10 MB of free space in the storage;

– not being rooted;

– have good internet connection.

If your Android smartphone or tablet meets these requirements install eScan Pro with no worries. And here is an instruction how to do it step-by-step.

Guide of eScan installation

Firstly you need to get tap application. There 2 ways: to use Play Market or download it directly by the link from the website. Notice: if you choose second variant, you will need to find an .apk file in your device memory and run the setup. Usually it is going to be saved to the download direction in the device memory.

Then it is time to activate app. After purchasing eScan mobile developers will provide you with personal code by email. So you only left to insert this license to special field in the application. Attention: one code can activate only one copy of program.

Besides, you may choose another way of activation. For instance, via SMS or internet. Usually the process takes 48 hours.

To use this tap software for free choose the trial option. According to eScan review it allows you testing app for 14 days and buy it after this. No key for trial package is needed.

Now you need to make important settings. It means you need to let eScan security rights of Administrator. One of such setting is to insert secret code. This notification will be shown only once so you can use your password and no one else will ever get access. The length of secret code can be from 4 to 16 characters. Advice: use strong password but do not forget it. Without secret code you wouldn’t open program again. Only if you have your ID the recovery is possible.

Additional settings of eScan

There are 5 main options that are available for Administrators. The most popular in eScan review are the following:

  • deleting all information. The factory remote bottom will help to do it quick and safe;
  • block the screen and change the password. Don’t forget to use strong but eye-catching word and increase the level of security;
  • change password rules. There are settings that allow increasing or decreasing the length of control word;
  • spying on the entrance attempts. Notice who and how many times makes wrong efforts;
  • block the screen of the device. You can set time and situations when the screen will be blocked.

Also each customer may protect himself with personal security. It is a range of features that includes 3 strong security options: a power button lets you send emergency texts, shaking device does the same, and SOS message helps to change the text of your emergency SMS. To start using the personal security you have to enable this feature in settings. The eScan review can describe you the process.

The resume

The eScan security includes great variety of features, stable basis, and awesome support. This tap application is made especially for Android devices so it is concerned on its particularities. By this reason developers can be proud to provide users with cross functional application that is made especially for Android customers and their security.

The great advantage of app is its ‘unpretentiousness’ to technical facilities of mobile gadget. Program requires only 8 MB of memory, but it would be much better to have 10-15 MB in advance.

If you value good app then you should try eScan. It is created for people who demand the best for themselves and can’t stand the compromises. To find out more about eScan you can follow several websites and read real users’ testimonials.