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Auto Forward Review


Advantages: With auto forward software the user gets access to a great number of remote monitoring options in order to control your kid’s activity when you are not around.

Disadvantages: The autoforward app has no option for limiting of the phone usage by the kid.

Conclusion: However the auto forward app perform the lack of phone compatibility and some missing options, auto forward Reviews highlights the fact that this program in its turn provide the user with a numerous remote monitoring opportunities. is a service for carrying parents who want to be aware of their children’s time-spending and in-phone activity as well. Despite the fact that auto forward has some missing spying features, auto forward Reviews claim this app to be a perfect solution for kid’s phone monitoring purposes as the app can easily capture all the data the parents may want to know.

One of the drawbacks of this forward phone application is that you can buy it no less than for 1-year period. It may seem to be too long period for spying purposes. Also the user must be aware that they will have to renew their subscription manually as there is no option for automatic subscription continuing. Autoforward can perfectly run on iOS and Android bases devices, but it is not suitable for BlackBerry or Windows Phones.

When it comes to a spying software the user expects not only have access to some basin in-phone data, but the ability to take a close look to the various data performed on the device in a proper way. The service as a common spying app enables you to monitor calls, messaging, media content the kid may store on his device, as well as stored contact data. The service may provide you with a data on GPS location or browser history. You can view also the content of the calendar notes as well. In addition to that, auto forward Review tells that the user of the program can get access even to the deleted photos or other information. allows not only monitor but also manage the target phone user’s activity. For example, you can block the particular web-site and set for a feature to get informed in case the kid will try to view the forbidden content.

To install the forward cell phone app you will require a few minutes, no more. The user-friendly interface will make the installation process quick and simple for you.  The using of the app also does not cause any difficulties. You get easy accessible notifications about your kid’s activity. The app runs invisibly on the phone you are spying on. You can remotely manage the in-phone activity as well as its features. The only feature the app cannot provide is the opportunity to limit the time of phone usage.

The supporting team of , atoforward service is always available via email or phone. You can contact with us in order to clarify some questions or misunderstandings. For extra information you get go to FAQ page as well.

Summary about Auto forward spy cell phone

As we can conclude from the numerous auto forward Reviews, this software can easily display the activity on the Apple or Android devices like geolocation, content (both stored and deleted) and simple mechanism of notifying. You can not only view, but also manage the in-phone activity and restrict some of its features. The majority of customers are satisfied with the app’s performance.