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Appmia Review


Ability to track two devices at once
The unique recording features
User friendliness
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One of the most expensive monitoring apps on the market, Appmia seems to be one of the most popular one as well. However, there are more and more issues that customers face when using the software. Can the app really live up to high expectations? Well, the range of features is truly wide. But the price does not correspond to the quality of customer service.

Feature Overview

When browsing their website, you can see that the app is compatible with several mobile platforms. However, detailed information is provided only for Android and iPhone devices. So, if you want to spy on a Windows phone or a BlackBerry gadget, contact the company first Appmia to avoid unpleasant situations.

The range of tracking options provided by Appmia is wide:

  • Call/SMS/email/instant messengers tracking;
  • Live call listening and recording;
  • Access to address book and calendar;
  • Listening to the surrounding environment;
  • Password grabbing;
  • Checking current GPS location;
  • Taking pictures in stealth mode.

Please note that the spyware works with non-rooted Android phones, offering only the most basic features. Also, the set of features for Symbian and BlackBerry phones is limited.

Prices for spy software Appmia.

Blocking Capability

Despite a number of advanced features, Appmia is not perfect for parental control. It lacks blocking capabilities needed to restrict children from viewing questionable web content and impose restrictions on the internet/phone usage.


Price/Quality Correlation

The price tag is probably the major stumbling block for users. The premium version costs $194,99 per 12 months, while the Lifetime 2 devices – $699,99. Furthermore, Appmia is quite a complicated app. It requires some technical knowledge for jailbreaking/rooting monitored devices (if you don’t do it, you will be able to access only basic features). The application is definitely overpriced, especially in terms of customer support.

Appmia’s Positive Features

  • The application supports different mobile platforms.
  • The range of monitoring capabilities is pretty impressive.

Negative Features

  • No blocking capabilities;
  • It’s impossible to wipe data remotely.


Appmia is an advanced s app offering many spying capabilities. In spite of the fact that it should run on all mobile platforms, it does not support some BlackBerry and Symbian based models. Another substantial drawback is the price of the app – it is far from being budget-friendly. Finally, you have to root or jailbreak the needed device in order to enjoy a full range of features.