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mSpy Review


There is over 1 million users of mSpy, a powerful cell-phone spying app. It provides numerous tracking capabilities, from basic (call and SMS management) to advanced ones (KeyLogger and parental control). However, even this popular software has certain disadvantages that you should be aware of before buying

Key Features & Compatibility

mSpy offers monitoring software for phones and computers. It is compatible with major cell phone platforms, like Android (4+) and iOS (6.x.x – 9.0.2). According to the info on their official website, mSpy doesn’t support Windows phones and Blackberry.

When it comes to monitoring features, mSpy is definitely one of the leading applications available today. It offers basic features, such as call/SMS/email monitoring, agenda viewing, access to Internet browsing history and bookmarks. Still, mSpy stands out from the crowd because of its advanced features, including:

  •  Tracking chats on instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, Tinder and Telegram);
  • Key logger (a feature allowing to see everything a user is typing, from passwords and search enquires to emails and texts);
  • Access to multimedia files (photos, videos, Instagram);
  • Remote Control (device wipeout and locking)

Location Tracking Features

mSpy gives you an opportunity to track current location of a phone owner and set virtual barriers (geo-fencing). Whenever a person approaches a given zone, you get a notification. This feature is very useful for parents monitoring their kids and employers spying on employees. In such a way, they can find out whether a targeted person is where he/she supposed to be.

However, location tracking features work only on jailbroken/rooted devices and only when a strong Internet signal is available. Note that GPS monitoring drains a battery, so a phone may die and you won’t be able to pinpoint movements of a person.

Blocking Capability

The app provides several blocking features. First, you can restrict undesirable numbers from calling. Second, it is possible to block any app that you consider harmful for your child or business. Finally, there is a website-blocking feature if you want to prevent your target user from accessing certain web pages.

mSpy’s Support

mSpy offers better customer support than many of its competitors. There is a Live Chat and a contact phone number for reaching company representatives. However, when using a Live Chat, you get quite generic replies. If you would like to get a refund or have a persisting technical issue, it is better to call them.

Do You Get Good Value for Money?

mSpy is very expensive in comparison to the competition. The Basic monthly package costs $29.99, while the Premium one is available for $69.99. Of course, if you buy an annual subscription, it will be a bit cheaper. However, you will have to spend $99.99 (Basic) or $199.99 (Premium) at once.

Please note that there is an issue regarding their refund policy. Instead of giving your money back, they offer to extend your subscription, which is simply unacceptable if customers are unhappy with the service.

Taking into consideration slow customer support, strict refund policy and the necessity to jailbreak/root devices, think twice before buying it.

Positive Features

mSpy offers a broader range of features and better support than many competitors.

Negative Features

  • The app is more expensive than the ones offered by competitors;
  • Smartphones have to be rooted/jailbroken before installation. If you are not willing to do it, you will get a very limited set of features for quite an expensive price;
  • The app does not send notifications regarding SIM card change;
  • mSpy significantly reduces battery life;
  • One license allows tracking only one device;


mSpy is a high end monitoring app. It offers some advanced options that make it very attractive for parents and business owners. However, it works only on jailbroken devices, which may not be an option for not tech savvy people. Finally, the price is way too high. So unless you have a fortune to spend, mSpy is not the best option.

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  1. No matter what people say but I’m sure the Web is quite dangerous for kids and teenagers. I have two kids, they are 9 and 14 years old. That’s why I’m totally worried about them. Especially I’m interested in their surroundings, which people do they meet and talk, what kinds of websites they visit, etc. So mSpy gives me all this information, including access to my children’s profiles in social networks. I’m free to see their browser history, messages in the social media, and other actions in the Web. Yes, I’m still worried about their safety, but now it is on the 95 per cent lower than earlier. Thanks and carry on this way!

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